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Aurora Grace's Characters!!

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Aurora Grace's Characters!!

Post by Yeux et Voix de l'Ange on Sat Apr 19, 2008 5:10 pm

Gender: Female
Name: Chantelle Melody Cecilia Moran
Age: 14

Physical Description:
-5'4 delicate build
-wavy long bronze hair that reaches the middle of her back, but usually wears it back in a bun or braid
-very tiny
-not angellically beautiful, but pretty
-green eyes
-pale skin
-long limbs compared to her body

Background Info:
-born in Ireland to an Irish farmer and English traveler
-known throughout Europe for her voice because it became so beautiful so young
-always wanted to become a ballerina
-loved going to Opera's with her brothers
-at the age of seven, she was kidnapped from her home by an unknown group of people. She was sold several times to many people, as a maid to some, personal singer to others, and finally a woman sold her to the Opera Populaire as a ballerina and future performer. She was given a new name, Cecilia, and was never allowed to tell anyone her real name. She learned of her parent's death through a newsboy, filling in the Opera house owner of the huge Moran home fire. Now she was only Cecilia, no last name, no middle name, just Cecilia. Only she and a few of the Opera staff know her true identity. Her brothers looked for her for years, but have been looking in all the wrong places. Her brothers live in Paris, but they thought she would be far away by now. She has grown so much, they wouldn't recognize her, but she would recognize them.

Why at Opera Populaire:
-sold to become a ballerina and singer

-kind hearted
-hard working
-trusting in God
-strong believer of God
-often visit the graves of her mother and father in the Cemetary
-visits the opera house chapel often
-loves to sing and dance, and very talented at both
-slightly naive

-knows there is a Phantom of the Opera, but has never sang with him, just heard him. She's seen his masked face many times, but never know when it will be there. Always feels safe at the Opera house.

Yeux et Voix de l'Ange
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